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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Junk Yards

...Are pretty much slim pickings. Most of the Third gen camaros are strip.But sometimes you get lucky,sorta. I managed to get 3 camaro emblems,arm rest for the driver's side,a door vent(?),a mirror for the driver side,gas cover cap,and a overhead console for T-tops.

I really thought I got lucky when I found a overhead console for a T-Top camaro. They are usually sold at a high price on ebay or some online store,but I got mines for $3.31! I thought they were rare or something,but turns out they are not,but I'm still happy I found one. Going to be hard to find the parts to it,but I'll worry about that later.Can't wait for it to be install.

Got any comments,questions? Be sure to leave them. :) Thanks for reading.

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