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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

T Handle

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went back to the junk yard. My boyfriend pointed out that they had a third gen camaro that they recently added,so we walked over to check it out. It's pretty much strip,or unusable. But it did have a ground effect on passenger's side,but it wasn't the right one from my car. There was a couple of people trying to scrap what ever they can from the thrid gen camaros,kind of like ants to a picnic table! Thrid gens at a junk yard don't last long. Disappointed,I tried to see if I could find a t handle for an automatic. We found a Automatic T Style Shift Knob from a (97?) Pontiac Sunfire,and tested it and one of the junk camaros,works and shifts fine. I paid about $1.35 for it. I don't like the automatic shifter knob that's in the third gen camaro. I plan on painting it chrome,will be awhile before I can get the paint and supplies. I also want a automatic boot,but not sure what to get a camaro(82-92) automatic boot or the B&M Mega shifter boot. If I get the B&M boot, I will have to do alot of modifications since I will still use the stock shifter...I'll will have to check this with the boyfriend and see what we'll come up with,...stay tuned!

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