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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hey ,been a while!!!

Here are some updates! Recently bought a powerglide shifter from a first gen Camaro,going to put it in third gen Camaro.(Was going to use a t-handle shifter from a sunfire,..we painted it chrome and it turn out very nice looking, but due to the hot weather the paint winkled up,making it look very crappy.) My fiancé says he can make it work,so we'll see! But before we can do that,we got to get the car running,which will be a while! I did buy more engine parts,bearings,timing belt,etc. Still got some more parts to buy! Also I have to take the engine core to a machine shop so they can size things.Oh yea,I finally got my new grant horn button! Well that all for now,until next time!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Computer Crashed

My computer, and I won't get it fix or buy a new one anytime soon. Putting most of my money into this project,so the computer will have to wait. I still will be posting, I have other ways to access the Internet. Stay tuned! Will have some updates next month.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Slowly but surly. Finally got the LT1 engine into shop # 2. The power in the shop is finally back on. We took the engine a part for cleaning to buy some more parts,gaskets,etc,etc. List keeps growing. Manage to spray paint the cover vales blue,.....they turned out..well too blue!!! oh well! I'm thinking about painting the engine chrome! Some more good news is that I will be getting a new job position at work,a little more pay,it's still part time,but I'm happy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Donations/Google Adsense

Hey,I'm kindly asking for donations for my project;this is my dream project and I need a little help.. I'm not asking for big donations. Donations can be small as 99 cents. Many small donations can go a long way. I only accecpt paypal,it's fast and most of all it's safe.The "Donate" buttons are located at the top and bottom of this blog.

Also another way you can help, is to click on the ads in my blog or use the google custom search,(best to search for car related things). With each click or search. I will get paid a commission check from google(well I have to get a certain amount of clicks),and the good thing about it, is that you don't have to pull any money out your pocket!,just click or search. This will really help out the project,thanks. <3 (BTW,I can't click on the ads myself)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Engine Swaping.....

....can be a pain in the butt! I have a perfectly good water pump from the camaro engine, but it won't fit cause of the LT1 engine; so I'll have to get one for a LT1. I also finally got the harmonic balancer,but we won't know if it will fit until we put the engine together. Also I still need 350 throttle body fuel injector. And another problem is,the power in one of the shops,my camaro is in, the power is out,been out for weeks!. The city is slow,or doesn't give a crap,to fix the power. It will take a while before I can save up for the water pump and fuel injectors. I need a better paying job!!!

Got any comments,questions? Be sure to leave them. :) Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Just a small update. Finally bought 2 engine mounts,and a fly wheel 2 weeks ago and order a torque arm mount and curb feelers over the weekend. That's right I said curb feelers. I used to have a habit of hitting the back tires on the curb while making a turn. But now I do this once in a blue moon now. But I want to protect the tires and ground effects on my camaro,cause the car sits low. Plus I think curb feelers will look cool on my car,I know some will hate/dislike me for this,but it's my car! Now just need two more parts and then the engine can be put in and running!! Will be awhile before I can buy more part,probably July.

A special thanks to those who donated to my project thank you so much!!! keep the donations coming!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

82' Camaro Scale Model

It will be awhile before I have any updates about my car,so here's a car model,I got this as a Christmas gift,from my boyfriend. 82 Camaro Scale Model (1/24 scale) Over 50 pieces. My first car model so it's not perfect,had help from my boyfriend,and he painted and did the stripes, I painted the interior,and painted the rims black. :)We both glue the pieces together.

The car model was what I wanted my camaro to be t-tops,black with white stripes,and black rims,but since I got my blue camaro,I got attached to it,and I want it to remain blue,but white white stripes.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

T Handle

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went back to the junk yard. My boyfriend pointed out that they had a third gen camaro that they recently added,so we walked over to check it out. It's pretty much strip,or unusable. But it did have a ground effect on passenger's side,but it wasn't the right one from my car. There was a couple of people trying to scrap what ever they can from the thrid gen camaros,kind of like ants to a picnic table! Thrid gens at a junk yard don't last long. Disappointed,I tried to see if I could find a t handle for an automatic. We found a Automatic T Style Shift Knob from a (97?) Pontiac Sunfire,and tested it and one of the junk camaros,works and shifts fine. I paid about $1.35 for it. I don't like the automatic shifter knob that's in the third gen camaro. I plan on painting it chrome,will be awhile before I can get the paint and supplies. I also want a automatic boot,but not sure what to get a camaro(82-92) automatic boot or the B&M Mega shifter boot. If I get the B&M boot, I will have to do alot of modifications since I will still use the stock shifter...I'll will have to check this with the boyfriend and see what we'll come up with,...stay tuned!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Dream Interior

I really don't like the grey interior,or what was left in my car. Most of the carpet was strip. I really want black carpeting and black headliner. And to match the black carpeting,I want custom seat covers,Blue Insert with black Sides (for the front and rear seats.) with the headrest embroidered "Camaro" in white. I already have a Chrome, Grant steeling wheel,and want to switch out my automatic shifter knob for a "T" style shifter knob from a Firebird,and a automatic boot. I like digital gauges,I want one with blue LED lights,and the interior lights blue (lights under the console.) Also want a cool radio mount,with custom lettering "Camaro RS" illuminated with blue LED lights. Also on my list: push start up button,HD Radio(illuminated blue) and a back up cam. All this looks real nice in my head!!

Got any comments,questions? Be sure to leave them. :) Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Penny Pinching

It's will be awhile before I can buy some new(or used) part for my car. So,I'm cutting back my spending, buying snacks at work,I've stop buying snacks,and keeping my change. I also will be keeping Tabs on my local junk Yard,and Craigslist. I'm also going to sell some of my old and unwanted DVDs. Sorry I don't don't have much to blog about today,but my next blog will be about what kind of custom interior I want for my car.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1990 Chevrolet Camaro Sales Training Video

Look at that Camaro it's sooooo new and shiny! I wish I could pull it straight out of the video!!! But even though my favourite color is red,for some reason I wouldn't want a red car......

Custom Dream

I'll probably never have the money to do this,but dreaming is free! Up above is a poorly photo edit I did I want to get my car repainted(I think it's a metallic blue)with the stripes going down to the bumper.And want the headlight buckets painted black. I also want to do the BMW Headlight swap,and ere piece louvers. I found out how much a custom paint job would cost......$5,000 and up. So I'll just keep dreaming.

Got any comments,questions? Be sure to leave them. :) Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Junk Yards

...Are pretty much slim pickings. Most of the Third gen camaros are strip.But sometimes you get lucky,sorta. I managed to get 3 camaro emblems,arm rest for the driver's side,a door vent(?),a mirror for the driver side,gas cover cap,and a overhead console for T-tops.

I really thought I got lucky when I found a overhead console for a T-Top camaro. They are usually sold at a high price on ebay or some online store,but I got mines for $3.31! I thought they were rare or something,but turns out they are not,but I'm still happy I found one. Going to be hard to find the parts to it,but I'll worry about that later.Can't wait for it to be install.

Got any comments,questions? Be sure to leave them. :) Thanks for reading.

Engine Parts

These are the parts I need before the engine can be put in:

2 engine mounts
fly wheel
harmonic balancer(that costs abit)
LTI TPI LSI Camaro Polyurethange torque arm mount

I'm buying these parts one at a time and doing some pennie pinching.If anyone wants to help for the funding of this project just click the donate button at the top or bottom of this blog,thanks. I will post another post later today.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This is Blueberry,Blueberry say,Hi! He's a nice looking car,a 1989 Chevy Camaro,V8,8 CYL,T-Tops. Yes I said "He". I'm a girl so I refer to my cars as males. :P This is a project that my boyfriend and I, are working on.(yes, the car is mines) I want to have Blueberry up and running soon,and I also want to get it repainted,with white stripes,and custom mods(small mods)...all on a small budget. I only have a crappy part-time job,blah but I'm grateful to have a job in this bad economy.

The previous owner,some high school kid; didn't take care of Blueberry very well...blew a hole in the engine,and the engine is unusable.Also the carpet interior and headliner was strip.He was probably racing it...and all the tires all bald,but the back tires are really bald!! I don't have to guess that he was doing burnouts in it. There are some dents in the passenger's door,and the ground effects on the passenger's side torn,dent in rear bumper,cracks on the front bumper and ground effects.

Good news is that my boyfriend is a mechanic,a master technician,and I have a engine to replace the old one. One from a 94 Corvette! :). So far I have the engine,new transmission mount,transmission shift cable,Speedometer cable. I 'm saving up for other parts so the engine can be put in,this will take awhile to save up for. Stay tuned for my next blog,thanks for reading!