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Monday, May 17, 2010

This is Blueberry,Blueberry say,Hi! He's a nice looking car,a 1989 Chevy Camaro,V8,8 CYL,T-Tops. Yes I said "He". I'm a girl so I refer to my cars as males. :P This is a project that my boyfriend and I, are working on.(yes, the car is mines) I want to have Blueberry up and running soon,and I also want to get it repainted,with white stripes,and custom mods(small mods)...all on a small budget. I only have a crappy part-time job,blah but I'm grateful to have a job in this bad economy.

The previous owner,some high school kid; didn't take care of Blueberry very well...blew a hole in the engine,and the engine is unusable.Also the carpet interior and headliner was strip.He was probably racing it...and all the tires all bald,but the back tires are really bald!! I don't have to guess that he was doing burnouts in it. There are some dents in the passenger's door,and the ground effects on the passenger's side torn,dent in rear bumper,cracks on the front bumper and ground effects.

Good news is that my boyfriend is a mechanic,a master technician,and I have a engine to replace the old one. One from a 94 Corvette! :). So far I have the engine,new transmission mount,transmission shift cable,Speedometer cable. I 'm saving up for other parts so the engine can be put in,this will take awhile to save up for. Stay tuned for my next blog,thanks for reading!

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