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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Dream Interior

I really don't like the grey interior,or what was left in my car. Most of the carpet was strip. I really want black carpeting and black headliner. And to match the black carpeting,I want custom seat covers,Blue Insert with black Sides (for the front and rear seats.) with the headrest embroidered "Camaro" in white. I already have a Chrome, Grant steeling wheel,and want to switch out my automatic shifter knob for a "T" style shifter knob from a Firebird,and a automatic boot. I like digital gauges,I want one with blue LED lights,and the interior lights blue (lights under the console.) Also want a cool radio mount,with custom lettering "Camaro RS" illuminated with blue LED lights. Also on my list: push start up button,HD Radio(illuminated blue) and a back up cam. All this looks real nice in my head!!

Got any comments,questions? Be sure to leave them. :) Thanks for reading.

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